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Graduation Travel Journal

Graduation season is almost here and I’m beginning to get requests for travel journals for graduates taking cool trips this Read More →

Pioneer Nation

Tara Gentile PN

I can’t believe it’s nearly a month since I posted on the blog.  It’s been a busy time! I’ve got Read More →

New Studio

Studio 1

It’s been quiet here on the blog because I’ve been busy moving into my new studio that I mentioned in Read More →

Japanese Stab Binding: Travel Journals

Japanese Stab Bound Travel Journals

In the last post I promised that I would share some of the more advanced Japanese stab bindings.  Once you’ve Read More →

Japanese Stab Binding – The Basics

Japanese Stab Bound Book Tortoise Shell (1)

Recently I’ve been creating books using the traditional binding technique – Japanese Stab Binding.  And I’ve created a series of Read More →

Book Review: Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures

Swedish Ticket Journal

In December I bought half a dozen books from Barnes and Noble to read over the Christmas vacation, and Handmade Read More →

Follow Your Passion

Act with Passion

With Valentine’s Day at the end of the week, I thought I’d share a journal prompt about passion.  Not romantic Read More →

Art Studio: 16 Pegboard Organizing Tips

Pegboard Organizing Tips

I’m moving into a new art studio in a few weeks and it’s very small. So, I need to figure Read More →

Valentine Scrapbook Box


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while it’s nice to receive roses and chocolates, I think handmade gifts have special Read More →

Studio News

book binding studio

I have some updates from my studio to share with you today. I’m excited to be heading to Portland, Oregon Read More →