3 Pocket Notebook

3 pocket notebook

This is one of a dozen 4″ x 6″ notebooks that I made to sell during the holiday season.  It’s a 2-signature Double Pamphlet Stitched binding (see tutorial here) with one lined and one blank signature.

2 pocket notebook

The flap in the center is normally narrow (approx. 1/2 – 1″ wide) but in this instance I made it almost as wide as the 4″ signature. I glued the bottom shut with double-stick tape and cut a diagonal slit on one side to make the pocket more accessible.

3 pocket notebookI created two other pockets by making the cover super long and folding in each end to create pockets on the front and back covers.

3 pocket notebook

The cover is handmade paper embedded with blue Larkspur flowers, and will be available on Daisy Loves Paper really soon!

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