4 Hole Stab Bound Book with Acrylic Paint Cover

I was experimenting with acrylic paint in December using 70lb drawing paper as the substrate. Normally I would use thicker paper, but these were just experiments/play. I wound up with a stack of them on my desk and decided to use a few to make book covers. Here’s one of them – a 4-hole Japanese stab bound book:

Stab Bound Book with Acrylic Paint

The simple stitching pattern was created with some recycled twine.

Stab Bound Book with Acrylic Paint

I added line work to the acrylic paint using a permanent black pen.

AcrylicJapanese-1The pages are also scraps of the same drawing paper that I had lying around. They were all different sizes, so I trimmed them to the same height as the book cover and varied the page length. I quite like this tiered effect.

Stab Bound Book with Acrylic Paint

It feels good to use up some of my ‘experiments’! What do you make your book covers from?

2 Thoughts on “4 Hole Stab Bound Book with Acrylic Paint Cover

  1. Absolutely love this! I’ve experimented a bit with painting and stenciling cracker boxes, although I must confess, I haven’t sewn any signatures to them yet, but know someone who does. 🙂 Mostly, I’ve made some softcover blank journals using fabric fused to felt and then decorated a bit with free motion machine “quilting”. A simple long stitch done with anything from decorative yarns to Perle cotton holds it all together.

  2. Great ideas – love your books!

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