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So, let’s get it out there right now – I turn 43 today. That means I have 7 years before I’m 50 and that’s a little scary. I mean, half a century – really?

So, while creating a bucket list isn’t a new idea, my list is personal, new and original to me. I’m sharing with you today a list of things I would like to do before I turn 50 in the year 2020.

In no particular order:

1. Grow a vegetable garden

2. Ride in a hot air balloon

3. Spend a day at a spa

4. Taking a cooking class

5. Host a ‘Favorite Things’ party

6. Take a camping trip

7. See the Golden Gate Bridge

8. Hear a gospel choir sing

9. Go on a chocolate tour

10. Learn yoga

11. Ride a bicycle with a basket on the front

12. Go on a silent retreat

13. Start an IRA

14. Knit a sweater

15. Sing in a choir

16. Visit the Grand Canyon

17. Ride on a motorcycle

18. Write an e-book

19. Climb a mountain

20. Create pottery on a wheel

21. Take a photography class

22. Ride a horse

23. Write a poem

24. Go fishing

25. Shoot hoops

26. Take swim lessons

27. Learn to draw

28. Visit the Library of Congress

29. Fly a kite on a beach

30. Take a vacation in an RV

31. Receive a Reiki treatment

32. Volunteer at an animal shelter

33. Create a website

34. Take a class about wine

35. Watch a Cirque du Solei performance

36. Taste really good balsamic vinegar

37. Celebrate New Year’s Eve on Times Square

38. Keep chickens in my back yard

39. Move house

40. Learn to bake good cupcakes

41. Try indoor rock climbing

42. Experience a floatation tank

43. Learn to make really good coffee

44. Work with a personal trainer

45. Learn a new dance

46. Play hand bells

47. Speak at a conference/event

48. Quit my day job

49. Visit Costa Rica

50. Write a guest post on another blog

I will keep you posted on my progress.  Do you have a list like this? Care to share some things on your list or a link to a blog post? Pop it in the comments below – would love to hear from you!

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One Thought on “50 Before 50 List

  1. Hi Ali,

    I love your list except the silent retreat although that would be okay if I could read and write. There are plenty of small manageable things, cheap things and more expensive and time-consuming things. I’d say you’ve already achieved no. 33 🙂

    Would love to join you for a day at the spa – or why not a week – a yoga retreat is on my wish list! And you are welcome to guest post on Get In the Hot Spot when you’re ready for that. Just let me know and we can talk about ideas.

    x A

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