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Best Travel Photography Tips

best travel photography tips
Photo: Michael Baird – Unsplash

We take photographs on our vacations and trips to hold onto the memories. Years later they help us remember the small details that we might have forgotten.  The old saying, “A picture says a thousand words” is true – our photos tell our stories! You don’t need to be a professional photographer with fancy equipment to take great travel photos. Here are links to my favorite pieces of advice:

1. How to Take Professional Travel Photos
This post by Laurence Norah on Nomadic Matt‘s website gives excellent advice on how to compose photographs, including focal points, use of color and leading lines. It’s part one of a five part series and I’d recommend you read the whole series. His advice has really improved my pictures.

2. How To Take Great iPhone Photos At Historic & Cultural Locations
Mark Hemmings wrote a great piece for iPhone Photography School with 9 tips for capturing the inside and outside of historic buildings, churches, stately homes plus living museums using your iPhone (which let’s face it – most of us use all this time). I found his advice about lighting and taking photos inside particularly useful. If you’re interested in getting the most from your cell phone’s camera, this is a great site with a ton of useful content.

Photo: Michael Beckwith – Unsplash

3. 9 Photography Tips For Your Travels
Artifact Uprising is a great place for having photo gifts and books printed, and they also have a blog with lots of photography tips. This article has good solid advice to improve your travel photography – I liked the second tip of shooting a scene in three different ways. It also includes links to some awesome Instagram accounts that I’m now following.

4. Photography Tips: Respecting Locals
If you snap photos of the folks who live and work in the area you’re traveling in, Steve Davey gives some great advice on the Wanderlust Magazine blog. It’s applicable to different places and situations, not just in exotic locations.

artist at work
Photo: Eddie Klaus – Unsplash

5.The 32 Best Photo Apps
This is an exhaustive list of photo apps for both the iphone and android devices compiled by CreativeBloq. Download one or two to bring your travel pictures to the next level. The app that I use the most is Camera+ – it’s well worth the $2.99 price tag.

6. How to Use a Travel Photography Shot List to Come Home with Better Photos
This fantastic article by Peter West Carey on Digital Photography School lists the photos you should take to really capture the essence of place. I’ll definitely be taking this list with me on my next trip.

Travel Photographer
Photo: Thomas Schweighofer – Unsplash

7. How to Organize Photos
Now you’ve taken all the above advice and have come home from vacation with hundreds of awesome photos, it’s time to get organized. Better Homes & Gardens have some sensible advice on how to store both physical and digital pictures.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for taking great travel photos? Join the conversation below – I’d love to hear from you. If you need a travel journal or photo album for your next trip, please check out my online store.