Coptic Stitched Books

I want to share with you today a couple of coptic bindings that we explored in the Intermediate Handmade Books class I taught at the beginning of the summer.

The first book is sewn with a 3-hole paired coptic stitch. The 3 holes are the 3 sewing stations, 2 on the front cover and 1 in the edge of the spine. And unlike the more common coptic binding that uses 1 needle and a continuous piece of thread, this ‘paired needle’ version uses uses 2 needles and 1 piece of thread for each set of sewing stations. In this case there were 2 sets of sewing stations, so it was sewn with 4 needles and 2 pieces of thread.

Coptic book with handmade paperI find this type of coptic binding to be more secure than the more common coptic binding that wraps around the cover.

Coptic book with handmade paper

The second type of binding is the Single Sheet Coptic which contains sheets of paper (or other materials, such as wood, metal etc) instead of folded signatures. This is a great book for presenting original artwork or photographs or for binding unusual materials.

single sheet coptic binding

You can see that this thread wraps around the cover, unlike the first book where the thread went through the edge of the spine.

single sheet coptic binding

This is what the inside cover looks like:
single sheet coptic binding

If you’d like to learn how to do coptic bindings, check out my blog post 4 Awesome Coptic Binding Tutorials. If you want to share your latest coptic bound book, please leave a link in the comments!

2 Thoughts on “Coptic Stitched Books

  1. This is sooooo beautiful Ani! i will try the first one..never did it before…Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Sorry Ani…do you have or know a tutorial to learn making the first book, I love the stitch!
    Thank you!

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