Double Dip Travel Journal

I was cleaning out the spare bedroom last week and came across an old travel journal from 2005 documenting a family vacation in Vermont.  All the wonderful memories from that trip came flooding back to me when I read it – it was such a gift stumbling across it unexpectedly.

The Double Dip

In a piece written for the Ladies Home Journal, Sandy Fernandez refers to memories as ‘one of the secret weapons of happiness because they offer a double dip’.  She continues to say that it’s scientifically proven that thinking back on a pleasant experience stimulates the same area of the brain that made the event pleasurable in the first place.
This was definitely true for me looking through the old Vermont album.


  • Why not try leafing through a scrapbook, photo album or journal you created and see if you re-experience the original joy of the vacation.
  •  Keep your scrapbooks out and enjoy them often – don’t keep them locked in a closet.
  •  Create journals and scrapbooks to document the everyday as well as vacations.

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One Thought on “Double Dip Travel Journal

  1. I just came across an art journal from a couple of years ago when I was tidying up before company on Wednesday and I had this same double dip experience. It was wonderful and made me want to be better about art journaling so I can keep having those experiences. Thanks for sharing .

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