Fabric Book with French Link Stitch

I’m so excited to share book number 8 in my 50 Book Challenge with you because it has recycled fabric covers. I’ve wanted to incorporate recycled fabric into my projects for a while, so during one of our recent snowstorms, I cut up a pair of my daughter’s outgrown pajamas and designed this cute 4″ x 6″ book.

hand made fabric book with french link stitchThe fabric was attached to 80lb card stock (the kind you’d use for making cards) with iron-on fusible webbing to create the covers. Here’s a look at the inside cover:

hand made fabric book with french link stitch

The signatures (made from plain copier paper) are sewn over linen tapes using a french link stitch  – I love how that looks. And the book block is attached to the covers with the tapes and glue.

hand made fabric book with french link stitch


hand made fabric book with french link stitch


Size: 6″H x 4″W x 0.5″D
Materials: Fabric, card stock, linen tape, linen thread, adhesive fusible webbing and copier paper.
Tools: bone folder, needle, paper cutter
Binding: Sewn onto Tape Supports with French Link and kettle stitches

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3 Thoughts on “Fabric Book with French Link Stitch

  1. Dear Ali,
    I found your website by chance – and I’m fascinated! 🙂 I really like your work, ideas and shop. I myself love the vintage style, paper, doing handicrafts (and even much more beautiful things)…
    I look forward to getting your weekly newsletter!
    My best,
    (from Mainz/Germany)

  2. Frances Mackay on July 7, 2016 at 9:30 pm said:

    Came to bookbinding via Leatherwork, I made my daughter and two of her friends a travel journal to take on a trip to Venice. I was hooked. I found your site on one of my evening/night trawls thru Pintrest. There has to be some upsides to being an insomniac. Love it, I’ve signed up for your newsletter and I’m working my way through your earlier posts. What fun.

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