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I find myself spending more time Instagram than Pinterest these days. Don’t get me wrong, I still use Pinterest and have over 7,000 pins but often the links are old, broken and you’re not able to find the original creator of the work in the pin. Instagram is more immediate. You can see what people are doing/making right now and it’s easier to engage with makers directly.

So, I’m creating a series of posts that highlight some of my favorite Instagrammers starting with those that make books. Enjoy!


I get such a thrill when Michelle Skiba of Three Trees Bindery posts one of her stunning wooden books. If you have a special occasion coming up, check out her Etsy store.


Photo: Three Trees Bindery


Crystal Shaulis is behind Lake Michigan Lake Press and she creates a range of beautiful coptic stitched books which sells through her online store.


Photo: Lake Michigan Book Press


Debra Francis creates beautiful one-of-a-kind books using unique materials, such as fur, ceramic and wood. She is also the creator of the Stone Diary Project, which I featured in last week’s newsletter.


Photo: Debra Frances


London based Old English Bindery is a four generation business run by the Smart family. Their instagram feed is full of fascinating videos and photos of the different stages of book restoration.


Photo: Old English Bindery


Mari Buso is the Queen of Recycling! Her fun Instagram feed is filled with books created from recycled packaging ranging from cheese boxes to candy bars.


Photo: Mari Buso


New Zealand artist, Michelle Mooney’s books make my heart sing! Their vintage vibe is just up my alley and lucky for us she sells them on Etsy.

Photo: Michelle Mooney

Over to you….who did I miss? Please leave your favorite bookmaking Instagrammers in the comments below. Or if you post your books on Instagram and I haven’t found you yet, feel free to link too.




2 Thoughts on “Favorite Instagrammers – Handmade Books

  1. Oh, thank you, Ali! This is just what I needed for my lunchtime break….bookish eye candy and lots of new bunny trails to follow.

  2. Thank you for these recommendations – they all look worth following. I happily direct you to Kaija from Finland over at http://www.paperiaarre.com and her instagram site of the same name. She does such fine bookbinding with standard finishes as well as ones where she’s added vintage lace and other vintage items. She also makes the most extraordinary mixed media and jewelry pieces with old photographs and vintage this and that, and writes poetry as well! She’s very much the perfectionist with clean line aesthetics which is part of what makes her books so beautiful. Needless to say, I’m a bit in love with her and what she makes which she sells through her Etsy shop.

    Don’t worry, I love you and what you make too, though very different from Kaija’s work. 😉

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