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I was teaching my Introduction to Handmade Books class this morning and one of the structures we talked about was flag books. It’s a structure I haven’t explored a great deal, so I decided to make up a gallery of flag books to inspire them and my blog readers. Click on each photo to be taken to the creator’s website. Enjoy!

The first book was made by Hedi Kyle, the book artist who invented the flag book structure.

Hedi Kyle Flag Book

Created by the Hedi Kyle

The flags in this second book by Haly Nagy Flag are made from encaustic and handmade cotton paper.

Haly Nagy Flag Book

Created by Haly Nagy

I love the use of positive and negative elements in Sharon Sharp’s book about bats.

Sharon Sharp Flag Book

Created by Sharon Sharp

Flag books are a great way to show photographic imagery in new and interesting ways, just like Linda Cunningham did in her book called Horizon.

Linda Cunningham Flag Book

Created by Linda Cunningham

Finally, Vermont book artist Elissa Campbell was inspired by the beautiful Fall foliage in her state.

Elissa Campbell Flag Book

Created by Elissa Campbell

Have you create a flag book before? If yes, leave a link in the comments below so we can be inspired by your work too.

One Thought on “Flag Book Gallery

  1. OMG – how beautiful are all these books !!!
    Greetings from Germany Elisabeth

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