Friend of a Friend Journal

Book number 22 in my 50 Book Project is called ‘Friend of a Friend’. I learned about the binding from my teacher at North Bennet Street School, Amy Lapidow. The instructions are in a book that Amy co-authored with Stacie Dolan called Book Art Studio Handbook, and I’ve never seen it any where else.

Friend of a Friend Bookbinding

The signatures are sewn together using a French link stitch (no tapes) with kettle stitches at head and tail. The front and back covers are card stock that’s sewn into the book block along with the signatures. After sewing, I glued a strip of Tyvek over the spine (the instructions call for Japanese paper but I felt the Tyvek would be stronger).

Friend of a Friend Bookbinding

Here’s how the stitching looks on the inside of the book:

Friend of a Friend Bookbinding

A narrow strip of card stock is glued to a piece of book cloth to give shape to the spine. This book cloth is then glued to the book block before decorative paper is attached to the covers (see below).

Friend of a Friend Bookbinding

And here’s a side view of the spine, where you can see the Tyvek wrapped signatures.

Friend of a Friend Bookbinding

For the cover, I used a piece of my hand marbled paper. Next time, I’ll make the book cloth spine wider because it doesn’t look balanced to me.

Friend of a Friend Bookbinding

This book structure reminds me of a paper back novel. It’s a great size (5″ x 7″) to hold in the hand and the pages almost open flat, so it would make a good journal or sketch book.

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5 Thoughts on “Friend of a Friend Journal

  1. Dale on July 14, 2015 at 7:16 am said:

    Thanks so much for sharing how you made this book. xx

  2. Very neat book!

  3. As a long time fan of bookbinding, I was delighted to discover your blog and this series. I really like this book form, I just learned it a couple of weeks ago on a bookbinding course (in Glasgow). I made it with thick watercolour paper covers and it’s almost a hardback. Amy & Stacy’s book is now on my wishlist!
    Glenda x

  4. Mandy Avery on July 16, 2015 at 8:35 am said:

    Another fabulous use of your materials, expertise and creative genius. I always enjoy your newest creations and the thought process involved in what you are doing. Thank you for your generous nature in sharing these works of art with the public.

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