Handmade Book Artist Spotlight: Lana Stuart

Leather Journal by Lana Stuart | Vintage Page DesignsI’m thrilled to introduce to you handmade book artist Lana Stuart and her beautiful work. Lana, a retired IT professional, lives just north of Atlanta in Buford, Georgia with her husband Bill. In addition to being an amazing book artist, Lana is a watercolor painter and food blogger. She’s also mom to daughter, Laura, and grandma to Aidan (18) and Maggie (13).

Book Artist Lana Stuart
Now I’ll let Lana share about her creative book practice in her own words:

Creating Handmade Books

What inspired you to start making books?
I first stumbled across a YouTube video by Diana Trout where she was doing a simple pamphlet stitch booklet and I was hooked!

How did you learn to make books?
I’m self-taught with the help of loads of books and online instruction.

Can you think of a challenge you’ve faced in your bookmaking journey and how did you solve it?
I wanted a way to press my books but purchasing a real press was just too expensive. My husband does woodworking as a hobby so he made one for me out of bits left over from a project.

What do handmade books mean to you?
Making books is an almost meditative process for me. When I get into the rhythm of stitching a book, everything else falls away and I’m totally absorbed in the work.

Handmade Books by Lana Stuart | Vintage Page Desigsn

How do you use the books you make?
I use them for bullet journaling and for keeping a commonplace book.

Is there a book structure that’s on your list to try?
Yes, the blizzard book 🙂

Books by Lana Stuart | Vintage Page Designs


What are your favorite kind of books to make?
Pamphlet, saddle stitch, and coptic

Tell us about a favorite tool you reach for all the time.
My teflon bone folder

Tell us about a favorite supply that you can’t live without and where to find it.
Ali’s beautiful handmade papers!!

Handmade Books by Lana Stuart | Vintage Page Designs

The Business of Handmade Books

Do you sell your work?
Yes, my work is in the Art Colony Gallery in Gainesville, Georgia and also online in my Etsy store.

How did you find this gallery?
Art Colony is a local artists’ collective; I was asked to offer my work through them.

What are your best sellers?
Handmade blank cards and artist’s sketchbooks.

What books do you find easiest to mass produce?
Simple pamphlet stitch books.

Books by Lana Stuart | Vintage Page Designs

Huge thanks to Lana for taking the time to answer these questions and giving us a glimpse into her bookmaking practice. The best place to connect with Lana is on her Facebook page Lana Stuart Art Studio.

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