Handmade Book with Lokta Paper

We’ve had some crazy weather here in New England – 30″ of snow fell yesterday, and we’ve been forced to stay home for 2 days. So while my lovely husband shoveled the driveway, I had some time to make another one of the Link Stitch/Chain Stitch books that I made last week.


black and white long stitch with chain 5

I used 3 pieces of Tim Holtz Grunge Paper  – 2 cover pieces and a narrow 3/4″ strip for the spine. I used a 3″ strip of black book cloth to attach the spine to the cover pieces and wrapped some pretty Nepalese silk screened Lokta paper around the covers. The grunge paper made a great cover and is fairly easy to sew through, as long as the holes are pre-punched. It’s strong and flexible, and I’d definitely work with it again.


black and white long stitch before weaving

I chose to weave in between the long stitches as I did in the previous book, but I snapped a photo of the stitching beforehand (above). I actually prefer it without the weaving – I think I’ll skip that step next time.



black and white long stitch with chain 6


 If you’re interested in seeing more handmade books, check out my Handmade Books & Journals Pinterest Board.


Size: 6″H x 4.75″W x 0.75″D
Materials: Grunge PaperSilkscreened Nepalese Lokta Paper, Book ClothMohawk Superfine paperwaxed linen thread, book board, PVA glue
Binding: Long stitch/Link Stitch binding
References: Non-Adhesive Binding Vol 1 – Keith Smith p177

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