Handmade Book Long Stitch/Link Stitch – Book #4

Oh my gosh I’m on book number 4 of The 50 Book Project. Will I be able to come up with another 46 book structures? I don’t know, but I’m going to try my best 🙂

I love this week’s binding. It’s called Long Stitch/Link Stitch binding and can be found in Volume 1 of Keith Smith’s Non-Adhesive Bindings on page 177.  It’s different from last week’s simple long stitch book because it uses one continuous piece of thread, whereas the signatures in the felt book were sewn in individually following this tutorial.

Long stitch and chain with indigo cave paper


When my teacher Amy Lapidow taught me how to do this binding, she included a piece of stiff vellum on the outside of the spine. You can also use a piece of covered book board, mat board or thin wood.  For this version, I created the spine by putting a piece of uncovered book board inside the covers instead.  I just prefer how it looks. And the book cover is made from a gorgeous piece of regular weight Indigo Cave Paper

Long stitch and chain with indigo cave paper4

Above is a close up of the chain stitching, which is at the head and tail of the book.  Once I completed the long and chain stitching on the spine, I wove the same waxed linen thread in between the long stitches.

Long stitch and chain with indigo cave paper3


Long stitch and chain with indigo cave paper2


Size: 6″H x 4.75″W x 1″D
Materials: Indigo Cave Paper, Mohawk Superfine paper, waxed linen thread, book board
Binding: Long stitch/Link Stitch binding
References: Non-Adhesive Binding Vol 1 – Keith Smith p177

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  1. Liesbeth Molenberg on October 19, 2016 at 3:54 am said:

    this is really nice, worth have a look at and try it myself, thanks for sharing

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