Make a Book in 5 Days!

Make your own unique version of this Long Stitch Journal in five days for just $10!


What Is the 5-Day Challenge?

During the challenge, I (Ali Manning) teach you step by step how to create your own unique journal over the course of 5 days. The upcoming challenge takes place from March 7-11, and we'll be making a Long Stitch Journal with lots of opportunity for personalization.

Crafters of all types—mixed media artists, painters, quilters, bookbinders—are welcome to join the 5-Day Challenge community!

When you purchase the challenge, here's what you get:

5 instructional videos (lifetime access)

Daily Zoom calls during challenge

Printable instructions

Access to 5-Day Challenge Facebook group

How It Works

  • Before signing up, you can view the supply list here!
  • When you sign up for the challenge, you immediately get access to a welcome video and additional resources.
  • While you wait for the challenge to begin on March 7th, you can gather your supplies and join the 5-Day Challenge Facebook group.
  • Every day of the challenge, you get access to that day's prerecorded instructional video. You can also join the optional daily Zoom call at 12 PM EST to ask questions and participate in Etsy gift card giveaways!
  • Once you finish your book, you can submit a photograph to be included in our 5-Day Challenge wrap-up movie.
  • On the Sunday after the challenge (March 13th), you can participate in the 5-Day Challenge wrap-up party to share your work and celebrate completing the challenge!

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ at the bottom of the page.


until the challenge begins!

Challenge Days Sneak Peak



On Day 1, you'll create the signatures that make up the book block of your journal.


Template & Sewing Holes

On Day 2, you'll make the template that you'll use to punch sewing holes in your signatures and cover.



On Day 3, you'll put together the cover of your book.



On Day 4, your book comes together! You'll sew the signatures into place.



On Day 5, you'll embellish your Long Stitch Journal. I'll show you how to make fun paper beads and share ways to decorate your journal's spine.


Wrap-Up Party

On the Sunday after the challenge, March 13th, you can join us for a 5-Day Challenge Wrap-Up Party!

Crafters Love the 5-Day Challenge

"I am really liking this format of workshop. I can work to my own schedule and pace. The directions are also really good: precise but not having to print out excessive pages. Thank you to the team."

- Gillian C

"Your teaching couldn’t be more clear; your execution any better; and your teamwork any more lovely! You all just might make a bookmaker out of me yet! What a FABULOUS class!"

- Mikki G

"I loved everything about this class! The 'bite sized' steps, clear pictures & instructions & your lovely soothing voice made this so enjoyable! You have started me on the path to bookmaking."

- Lu F


Your Questions Are Answered!

How much does the Long Stitch Journal 5-Day Challenge cost?

The 5-Day Challenge costs a one-time payment of $10. That includes lifetime access to the prerecorded instruction and daily Zoom calls.

Is the course live?

No—on each day of the challenge, you receive a new prerecorded instructional video that shows you how to make part of the journal.

However, we will have daily Zoom calls as a bonus! These calls will be recorded in case you can't make it to the call.

Will I need to purchase a lot of supplies?

This book requires minimal supplies. I provide you with a detailed supply list (view the supply list here), but I encourage you to use what you already have in your stash!

How much do I have to participate?

It's up to you! While we'd love to have you in the daily Zoom calls and challenge Facebook group, you are welcome to focus just on making the Long Stitch Journal.


Do I need to be on Facebook to participate in the challenge?

No, Facebook is not required. We have a Facebook group that supplements the challenge, but it is not needed for you to create this book!

Do I need bookmaking experience to make this journal?

Anyone who has some experience with crafting should feel comfortable making this journal. It is a beginner-level project, and you can always try making it a few times to get used to the process.

Meet Ali

Years ago I learned about handmade books, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I love creating new designs, learning about different techniques and expanding my collection of paper. But what I love most about bookmaking is the community.

Through Vintage Page Designs and the Handmade Book Club, I’ve met thousands of other passionate bookmakers, mixed media artists and crafters. We all share a love of book arts and crafting just for the joy of it.

I believe that bookbinding and book arts are for everyone, regardless of skill level or equipment. All you need is a little creativity and, of course, paper!

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