Long Stitch Journal With Slotted Wrapper – Book #5

Happy weekend! It’s time for book number 5 in my 50 Book Series – another long stitch binding (the last one I promise) with a slotted wrapper (more about that below).

Longstitch handmade journal with Slotted Wrapper

For the cover, I used a gelatin print I made last year during Linda Germain’s fantastic monoprinting class.  It’s a piece of 98lb mixed media paper and makes a fairly robust cover. There was a little cracking along the spine because of the acrylic paint, but I helped this by rubbing some wax over the surface.

After I’d cut the cover to the exact size of the book block, scored and folded it, I cut 4 horizontal slits in the spine.  These slits line up with the pierced sewing stations in the signatures.  In the other long stitch bindings I’ve made, I’ve pierced holes in the spine too, but this method uses slits.  And I really like them! It’s easy to adjust the stitches at the end of sewing to make them even and the slits are more forgiving than holes – especially if they’re not lined up exactly :).

Here’s a couple of close-ups:

Book5 Longstitch Slotted Wrapper1



Longstitch handmade journal with Slotted Wrapper

Longstitch handmade journal with Slotted Wrapper

A quick note about the gelatin print cover: it was created using acrylic paints on a piece of mixed media paper that had a few pieces of vintage paper glued to it. I used leaves and bubble wrap to create the shapes and textures. Once dry, I doodled on the print with a black pen and wrote the following quote in some of the white space:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”, William Shakespeare.

handmade journal with gelatin print


handmade journal with gelatin print

To secure the journal, I created a flap from a monoprint scrap. I glued it to the back cover and cut a slit in the front cover to secure it. And finally, here’s a peek at the back cover where there’s more of the vintage paper visible:

handmade made monoprint journal


Longstitch gelatin print journal




Size: 6.25″H x 4″W x 0.75″D
Materials: Mohawk Superfine paperwaxed linen thread,mixed media paper, acrylic paints
Tools: Gelatin plate, brayer, awl, Xacto knife, bone folder, needle
Binding: Long stitch binding with slotted cover
ReferencesNon-Adhesive Binding Vol 1 – Keith Smith p149

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4 Thoughts on “Long Stitch Journal With Slotted Wrapper – Book #5

  1. Cathy Hensman on February 6, 2015 at 4:38 am said:

    Hello Ali, thanks for sending this link to your book binding project. It’s very ambitious but so far the books look beautiful.
    The gelatin plate print looks lovely as a cover. I’ve signed up and will be watching what you make over the next few months. I’m also tempted to have a go at making something! So thanks to all the links as well.
    Best wishes, Cathy (from Linda’s Making Monotype Class)

  2. Amy James on February 6, 2015 at 9:30 am said:

    Hi Ali, I love the book. I bought a needle, thread and awl in the fall with every intention of making books this winter and you’ve really inspired me to get to that project. What kind of paper did you use for the signatures? I like the vintage paper glued on and then printed over giving the great texture. I will be following you and enjoying the inspiration!
    Amy (from Linda’s class Making Monotypes class)

  3. Amy – I used a 98lb mixed media paper by Canson. It’s just the right weight to hold the ink and to fold nicely into a soft book cover. Give it a try – I’d love to see what you make!

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