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Mini Class – Account Book Binding

Account Book

The Account Book (sometimes called Hanging Ledger) is a traditional Japanese stab binding that requires only two holes and has a long thread holding the pages together that allows the book to be hung up. The great thing about stab bindings is they use often use single sheets of paper, although sometimes thinner sheets are folded in half lengthways and sewn along the open edge. Single sheet bindings are helpful if you want to bind pre-printed pages in your book, whether that’s text from the printer or mono prints.

Materials & Tools

1 sheet of handmade paper for pages, 19″ x 25″
2 pieces handmade paper for covers, 6.25″ x 9.75″
2 pieces handmade paper for inner covers, 6.25″ x 9.75″
2 piece of ribbons, cord or thread, 24″
Bone folder
Metal ruler
Sharp knife
Hand drill or hole punch
Scrap paper
Large clips
Large needle
Scrap wood or cardboard


Follow along with the video below and download the written instructions in PDF format below.

Account Book Binding PDF Directions

Here’s a larger version of the book I made using handmade paper embedded with straw, bound with twine and lucite buttons.