My Favorite Papers For Creating Handmade Books

A couple of years ago I compiled a list of the papers I use most frequently to make handmade books. Not a great deal has changed, but I noticed that some of the links in the original document were broken, so I’ve updated it. Click on the image below to download the information.

10 Favorite Papers _ Vintage Page Designs

I would love to know your favorites. Please add them to the comments below.


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5 Thoughts on “My Favorite Papers For Creating Handmade Books

  1. Phyllis Boudreau on May 7, 2019 at 6:45 am said:

    I absolutely LOVE the floral papers. Thank you for asking😊

  2. As much as I like the soft papers with beautiful textures and bits of flowers or leaves embedded, I am having a hard time writing on them. I have made a couple of journals since I took the Coptic Stitch Workshop, but I used very normal paper, that you could run thru a printer. That way I can write and draw in the journal easily.
    That said, I am very curious to hear what kind of paper people use if they want to make a journal that can easily be written in.

  3. Thanks for asking….while of course, I love decorative papers (and I may finally be running out of room as to where to store them!), I would like to mention a couple of non-decorative papers that I like using.

    Khadi Papers are made in India/Nepal with a neutral pH size. They are acid free and are either made with 100 percent cotton rag or a cotton and plant combination. They came in varying weights, and I find them PERFECT for soft cover books and for accordions. I can’t say enough good things about them. I buy mine at Talas in NYC. I also like Amate Bark papers…they also come with a lattic cut and in a number of colors…also purchase at Talas.

  4. Angie Adams on May 7, 2019 at 4:27 pm said:

    I love to recycle so I use pages from old books, scrapbooking leftovers, brown paper bags. For the covers I love to use cereal boxes, tissue boxes, food boxes (cookies etc). When I use these covers I try to make a theme that goes with the covers.

  5. Lovely to read everyones comments about their favourite paper. There’s so much choice out there. Like Judy above, I love Khadi paper too – for printing, watercolour and drawing in pen. For writing and drawing I also like Hahnemule, Ambassador and Fabriano Verdi (120g). In Ireland, Evans in Dublin is excellent. For paper lovers, Shepherds of London is an absolute treat.

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