Paper Club – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Handmade BookAs I said in my previous post, the Monthly Paper Club I introduced in 2018 was an unexpected success but I had plans to switch things up in 2019 and to add some new features. I spent weeks going back and forth with different options and looking at numbers (not my favorite thing in the world) but finally, I admitted to myself that I was stuck. It then dawned on me that I should just ask YOU, the folks who purchase Paper Club month after month – duh!

Survey Results

So, I sent out a survey to everyone who had purchased Paper Club and it came back with some clear results:

  1. Firstly, while members wouldn’t mind extra bookbinding supplies or kits, the overwhelming response was that you like things the way they are. I guess the saying is true, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fit it!”
  2. Secondly, you need more ideas and tutorials on how to use the paper.
  3. Your two biggest problems are storing the large sheets of paper and being afraid to cut the paper.

Plan for Paper Club in 2019

So, my plan for 2019 is to continue to offer Paper Club in its regular format but to address your storage problems I’ll offer the Mini Paper Club Packs every month.

I will slowly add some extra supplies to the online store, such as thread and plain signature paper, to help you create your handmade books.

And finally and most importantly, I’ll write more how-to articles and record more videos to give you lot of new ideas and encouragement you to use your paper.

Thanks to everyone who took part in Paper Club in 2018 – your support and patience mean the world to me!

The next Paper Club will be available on January 1st, 2019 at midnight and the best way to make sure you get a pack of paper is to be on my mailing list (sign up below).

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5 Thoughts on “Paper Club – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  1. I like your new ideas and look forward to visiting your shop on Jan. 1!

  2. Ali-your Paper Club is a bit like Christmas each month. I am always like a kid rushing to see the paper for the upcoming month. I was out of the country for two of them but each one has been gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and keep the ideas coming!

  3. Sounds terrific. Thanks for sharing so much of what we love.

  4. Karen Chisholm on January 2, 2019 at 1:53 am said:

    I Love every order I receive. Well packed and beautiful papers. I definitely like to he idea of adding the plain signature paper and the videos/how to’s. Keep up the brilliant work!

  5. Jean Goza on January 2, 2019 at 12:15 pm said:

    Paper Club is wonderful. Looking forward to expanding my skill level and making lots of books with these beautiful papers. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. Happy New Year!

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