Plans for 2014

Happy New Year – I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

2014 marks a new beginning for this blog.

As I mentioned several times last year, I’ve been re-thinking the content I post here.  I took several classes to help me refine the direction I want to take and finally I have a clear plan of where we are heading.  I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the journey.

I did consider creating a new site or closing down the site for a few months and doing a major overhaul.  But honestly, I feel like if I don’t just begin, then I never will.  Like many of you, I suffer from perfectionism and the longer I work on something to make it just right, the less likely I am to put it out there. Sad but true.

The focus of the blog moving forward will be reflect my passion for creating handmade books.

While I’m not a professional bookbinder, I have made over 250 hand-bound books in this past year alone and add to that the many years that I spent making scrapbooks and mini albums, I feel like I have some knowledge to share.

So we start today with one of my favorite quotes – I hope it inspires you to get moving with your goals and dreams for 2014.
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