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Happy New Year! January isn’t over yet, so I think I can still wish you a happy new year, right?

Today, I’m sharing a book I created over the Christmas vacation. I based the cover on a design by Mary Ann Moss in her online class Remains of the Day. I’m a regular reader of her blog, Dispatch from LA and I highly recommend it, not just for the projects but a great sense of humor.

I sewed strips of recycled fabric together to form a slipcover for a one-piece watercolor paper book cover (scored in 2 places to form the spine). I then added paper signatures using a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch.

Fabric BookHere’s a side view of the stitching. I used waxed linen thread to attach the signatures and a paper template to make sure that my sewing holes were even.

Recycled Fabric BookThis is a front cover with a fabric flower and vintage button detail:

Recycled Fabric BookAnd the back cover with some vintage glass buttons:

Fabric BookI love this scrappy look with all the loose threads and frayed edges – it’s a departure for me, but it was very freeing to make. Perhaps that should be my new year’s ‘creative’ resolution – to loosen up a bit! What’s yours?

2 Thoughts on “Recycled Fabric Journal

  1. Peggy McDevitt on January 17, 2017 at 9:34 am said:

    Lovely journal. I have been also following Mary Ann for years and have taken her classes

  2. This is so lovely, Ali. I have been in a creative pause. I was so active before the holidays but now cannot bring myself to return to the studio. Trusting that it’s just a phase and I will soon be itching to get back down there soon! xx

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