Sewn Onto Tapes Mini Gelli Book

I’ve finally found a way to use all the gelli prints I made last year! At first I thought that this 50 Book Project would be a great way to use up my embarrassingly large stash of commercial and handmade papers, but it turns out I really like using my own gelatin prints.

When I make the book covers using my own prints they’re completely unique because no print ever turns out the same but also because they use the colors and textures that are unique to me. I feel like the gelli print books reflect my own style a lot better – there’s more of ‘me’ in each one.

Enough waffling – here’s book number 7 in the 50 Book Project. It’s a simple sewn onto tapes, or in this case two pieces of 1″ wide ribbon (it’s some retired Stampin’ Up! ribbon that I had left over). It’s different from last week’s book because there are no kettle stitches at the head and tail. It’s a small book measuring 4″ x 4″ so I think that counts as a mini book.

Gelli Print Mini Book Sewn Over Tapes

I covered 2 pieces of book board with a gelli print and then cut 2 slits the width of the ribbon on each one.

Gelli Print Mini Book Sewn Over Tapes

Once I’d sewn together the book block over the ribbons, I slotted the ribbons through the slits and glued them down with PVA.

Gelli Print Mini Book Sewn Over Tapes

I glued the first and last pages of the book to the inside cover to hide the ribbon and make the whole book more secure.

Gelli Print Mini Book Sewn Over Tapes
Here’s a closer look at the stitching on the spine of the book.

Gelli Print Mini Book Sewn Over Tapes

Gelli print sewn over tapes book

The reversed text you can see on the book cover was a quick gel transfer of an old book page directly onto the gelli print.

(Sorry for the crumbly photo quality. The batteries on my camera died and there was a blizzard outside (again!), so I couldn’t run to the store for new ones. So I had to use my phone instead. Sigh…)

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Size: 4″H x 4″W x 1″″D
Materials: Mohawk Superfine paperwaxed linen thread,mixed media paper, acrylic paints
Tools: Gelatin plate, brayer, awl, Xacto knife, bone folder, needle
Binding: Sewn onto Tape Supports
ReferencesNon-Adhesive Binding Vol 1 – Keith Smith p191

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2 Thoughts on “Sewn Onto Tapes Mini Gelli Book

  1. vickiross on March 4, 2015 at 12:47 pm said:

    Love this binding! How large a book would this support?

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