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25+ Items to Include in Your Travel Journal

25 Items for Travel Journal
25 Items for Travel Journal
Photo: Martin Sattler via Unsplash

I make and fill a lot of travel journals. And for many of us, part of the fun of traveling is collecting memories to put in a scrapbook when we get home, and then reliving the experience over and over again. But do you ever struggle to know what to put into your journal or scrapbook? In case you do, I’ve made a list of items you could include:

1. Matchbooks & boxes

2. Napkins

3. Postcards

4. Travel tickets (plane, train, bus & metro)

5. Photographs (duh – I know)

6. Tourist maps & brochures

7. Paper bags

8. Flat sea shells & sea glass

9. Candy wrappers & clean food packaging

10. Business cards

11. Museum, art gallery, movie & theatre tickets

12. Menus from restaurants and cafes

13. Flattened bottle caps

14. A little watercolor painting of something you saw

15. Luggage tags

16. Drawing or sketch

17. Wine bottle label

18. Journal entry – write down what you did, how you felt and what you saw

19. Sand from the beach (place in a small plastic or glassine bag)

20. Money (small coins and denominations of foreign currency) & flattened pennies

21. Rubbings of interesting textures (graves, paving stones & metal grates)

22. Receipts & bank statements

23. Dried flowers, leaves, seed & herbs (be careful if going through customs!)

24. Tags from clothes & souvenirs

25. Coasters & beer mats

26. Postage stamps

27. Recipes

Please share your ideas in the comments – I’d love to know what else you have or would include in a travel scrapbook and please remember to check out my other travel journal posts above. If you need a travel journal or photo album for your next trip, please check out my online store.