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6 Tips for Creating Travel Journals with Kids

Creating travel journals with kids
Creating travel journals with kids
Photo: Joseph Gonzalez via Unsplash

Travel journals are a fun way for children to enjoy a vacation long after the trip is over, and for adults it’s really cool to see a place through the eyes of a child.

Keeping a travel journal is also educational and if your kids are missing some school, it’s a great way for them to practice their literacy skills. Teachers and classmates will also enjoy looking at the book when they return.

Kids Travel Journal 2

Travel journals also keep kids busy on the road. Together with travel games and electronic devices, they’re a useful way to fill time waiting in an airport, riding in the car or sitting in a restaurant.

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Here are some tips to encourage your child to journal on the go:

  • Create a simple kit that includes a small journal, glue stick, scissors, pen and crayons or colored pencils. Store the kit in a Ziploc plastic bag or pouch.
  • Let your child have their own inexpensive digital camera, disposable camera or even your out of date smart phone to take their own photographs. Leave space in the journal for the photos that you can print when you get home.
  • Remind your child to include some basic facts about your vacation – places, dates and who they traveled with.

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  • Bring your child’s kit to dinner each night and encourage them to write and draw about their day. This will keep them quiet for a little longer and give you some time for adult conversation.
  • Purchase local postcards and have your child write on the backs about the day’s activities and experiences. They could even mail them back to themselves at home. Put them inside plastic sleeves so they can look at both sides.
  • If your child is young, have them draw a picture each day and dictate one or two sentences about it to you.

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  • Ephemera is a fun addition to a travel journal.  Encourage your child to include coasters, local candy wrappers, restaurant menus, receipts and tickets. Choose a journal with pockets or envelopes to hold larger treasures.

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These journals will give your child years of pleasure. Whenever they open up the books, they will relive their experiences and you’ll get just as much pleasure looking back through these memories as they will.

I’d love to hear your tips for journaling with kids – please leave a comment below. And if you need a travel journal or photo album for your next trip, please check out my online store.