Art Journal Pages with Silhouettes

Happy Monday! I had a chance to create a few journal pages over the weekend and I continued to experiment with silhouettes inspired by the work of Dina Wakley.

On this first page I layered a gelatin monoprint onto a background of black acrylic paint. I cut a figure from a magazine and used it as a mask with black spray paint. After I removed the cut-out, I defined it with black pen. I added the title (also cut from a magazine), outlined it with White-Out pen and wrote the journaling with a white gel pen. I finished the page with white spray ink splatters and a sequin waste stencil.Life Moments Art Journal Page 1

Life Moments Art Journal Page 2

Life Moments Art Journal Page 3

The second page I created was in response to last week’s The Documented Life Challenge, which was to use underpaper on your page.  I’ve never heard it called ‘underpaper’ before – I’d probably call it scrap paper, but it definitely got me thinking about being more creative with the scraps of paper I place under my work.

Papertowel Background Art Journal Page 1

The underpaper that I used was a piece of paper towel that had been on my work table for a few weeks mopping up my spray inks. I love all the bright splatters and drips, as well as its texture.

Papertowel Background Art Journal Page 3

Because the background was already so interesting, I didn’t do a whole lot else. I placed a heart mask on one side and sprayed it with black paint. I glued a festive vintage paper banner on the top edge to add to the air of celebration created by the bright colors.

Papertowel Background Art Journal Page 2

It’s not easy to write on the textured paper towel, so I wrote my quote by Napoleon Hill on white paper, cut it into strips and glued it to the bottom of the page.

Papertowel Background Art Journal Page 4

My little girl turns 14 tomorrow, so this will be a week of celebration before she heads off to high school next week.  Yikes – where does the time go?

I hope you have a fun and creative week.

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One Thought on “Art Journal Pages with Silhouettes

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your art journal series on finding your voice. It has spurred me on to find my voice as well because if I flip through my journal, the “style” is all over the place. But I can already see what speaks to me and what doesn’t. Looking forward to the next artist inspiration.

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