Studio Update

Hello – it’s been ages since I posted a studio update. Aside from The 50 Book Project, here’s what’s been going on around here….

New Press

Check out this little beauty – it’s my ‘new to me’ nipping press. I bought it from a friend of mine in the Western Avenue Studios. It’s cast iron and weighs a ton – my hubby very kindly took the morning off work to move it for me. I’ll use it to press recently glued books and to compress signatures before binding.

Nipping Press

Video Set-Up

I’ve decided to shoot some bookbinding videos for the blog because there’s a limit to what you can show in photographs. So, I’ve been experimenting with a video set up in my home studio. I’m currently using my i-pad attached to a tripod, although I’ll probably switch that out for a video camera soon. The lighting is provided by lamps and some good natural light. Now, I just have to figure out the video editing software – that should be an interesting learning curve!

Video Set Up

Graduation Season

January and February are generally quiet in the Vintage Page Store after the craziness of the holidays, but things ramping are up again with orders coming in thick and fast. We’re heading right into graduation season and travel journals are a popular gift for new graduates taking special trips. Last summer, Europe was the most frequently requested map – I wonder where it’ll be this year?

Graduation Journal

Business Coaching Program

I’m excited to be taking part in the current session of Tara Gentile’s Quiet Power Strategy coaching program. I hope it’ll give me some clarity for the next phase of my business. Watch this space!

Hopefully spring is around the corner somewhere. With 100+ inches of snow in the Boston area this winter, I’m ready to wear a t-shirt and flip flops again.

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