The Gifts of Squam

I attended my first Squam Art Workshops in September and it was a magical experience. I find it hard to put into words quite how amazing the experience was, but I’ll try…

I went to Squam Art Workshops alone and not knowing anyone, but I encountered so many kind and creative souls there. Outside of Squam they are parents, partners, artists, engineers, lawyers, teachers, doctors and yogis. Each person brought their own unique experience to Squam but no one had all the answers or had it all figured out. Each person was on their own creative and spiritual journey that was beautiful to witness and be a part of. Within a couple of hours of arriving I knew that I had found my people, my tribe.
For me going to Squam created a pocket of space, a soft and nurturing space, that allowed me to step outside my life for a few days.

I found time to lie on the dock, look at the stars and listen to the loons.

I found time to sit by a fire, toast marshmallows and laugh with new friends.

I found time to paint, sew and weave my stories.

I found time to work with my hands and let my mind rest.

I found time to listen to heart.

Going to Squam was like coming home.


I’m heading back next Fall. I hope that you’ll consider giving yourself the gift of Squam too.

(Photos taken by me, Katie Calcaterra & Forrest Elliott)

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