The Joy of Old Journals

I’m keeping a gratitude journal during the month of November.  When I was deciding on the format of the book, I looked through some older journals for inspiration. I discovered this Gratitude Journal I made in 2008.  Re-reading it was a bitter-sweet experience.

Gratitude Journal

Many of the things that I was grateful for then are the small daily details that I’m still thankful for today, such as family dinner and movie nights, walking my dog, hot chocolate after school with Hannah, warm autumn sunshine and so on.  And many of the large things are still in place, such as where we live, my family and friends.

It was also interesting to read and remember how my life looked then.  I was still teaching stamping classes and was part of writing group at church. I was also grateful for was the election of President Obama!


Gratitude journal

Some things about the journal also made me sad.  Since writing this journal in 2008 I have lost my grandmother and a close friendship has come to an end. My little girl was still in third grade, reading Harry Potter books and making fairy houses.

I’m interested to compare November 2013’s gratitude journal to the November 2008 journal at the end of the month.  I’ll share the new journal with you soon.

How about you?  Are you keeping a gratitude journal this month?  Let me know in the comments.

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