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Triangle Stab Binding Mini Class

Triangle Stab Binding Tutorial | Vintage Page Designs

Triangle Stab Binding Tutorial | Vintage Page DesignsThis binding uses single sheets of handmade paper and a technique called ‘stab binding’.

The Printable Template is for a book that measures 7 3/4″ x 10″ but the dimensions are easy to adjust for any size book. If you make a larger book, you might wish to add more sewing holes to your outer binding.

Supplies & Tools

Before we begin this project together, you’ll need to gather some tools and supplies. There are two downloadable versions, one with imperial measurements and the other with metric.

Triangle Stab Binding Tools and Supplies
Triangle Stab Binding Tools and Supplies Metric

Create Two Binding Templates

This book uses two bindings – an inner and an outer binding. The book block or pages are bound together in the inner binding. And the outer binding brings together all the covers and pages.

The purpose of the inner binding (which you won’t see on the finished book) is to provide extra security for the book in case the covers get damaged. Stitching the front covers will also be a lot easier with this inner binding in place.

Let’s start by creating two sewing templates. I’ve created a printable version for the book size I’m using, but use the same principles to create your own template if you’re making a different sized book.

Sew Inner Binding

First, we’re going to bind just the pages of the book to create the book block using the first template that we created in the last lesson. Note: If you can’t find Tyvek in your local store, recycle a Tyvek envelope.

Sew Outer Binding

Now that the inner binding is complete, we’ll take the second template and punch holes for both our book block and covers. I’m using 2 covers on the front and two in the back because I like how it looks when you open the book. Feel free to use just one cover if it feels right to you.

Finish Your Book

It’s time to put the finishing touches to your book. How about adding a strip of book cloth to the top right corner or adding a title plate?

Triangle Stab Binding Tutorial | Vintage Page Designs
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.