6 Ways to Add Titles to your Journal Pages

Today I’m sharing 6 ways you can include a title on your journal or scrapbook page.

6 Ways to Add a Title to your Journal Page

You certainly don’t need to add a title or headline, but here are some reasons you might to:

  • A title is a great way to give meaning and focus to the page.
  • Type can be an interesting design element.
  • Because we read from left to right, words help guide the viewer’s eye around the page.
  • Words are a great prompt or jumping-off point for your journaling.

1. Magazine Clippings

This is my favorite way to add a title to a page and the one I use most often. Cut out the titles and bylines from magazine articles – I always find gems in Oprah and Real Simple – store them in a ziploc bag ready for your next page. If you don’t read a lot of magazines, ask friends for their discarded ones or many local libraries and coffee shops have a basket of free ones. You can see another example of magazine title in my Life Moments page.

Art Journal page with magazine clipping title

2. Rubber stamps

Consider using large rubber or foam stamps with acrylic paint for a bold look or smaller stamps with ink for a more understated effect. If you’re particular, use a stamp positioner to get the letters straight, but I prefer a misaligned look.

Rubber stamped title on art journal page

3. Stencils & Masks

I love the look of stencils and masks for titles – to make them really pop use spray inks, acrylic paint and a foam brush, or an ink pad and sponge.

Masked Title on Art Journal Page

4. Stickers & Chipboard

There’s a huge choice of letter stickers in the craft stores – some are flat and others dimensional.  And if you don’t like what you see, then personalize them with paint or spray ink.

Change Art Journal Page

5. Hand Lettering & Writing

I’m not good at hand lettering and I don’t love my handwriting, but I keep trying. This is a quick and easy way to add a title, and something you can do on the go. I used handwritten title on my Joyful Heart page last week as well as the Create page below.


Mary Oliver Quote Art Journal Page

6. Computer Generated

Finally, there’s nothing to stop you typing your words in Word or Photoshop, printing and gluing them to the page. On the page above I used a vintage typewriter font for the Mary Oliver quote.

Bonus tip:

You don’t have to put your title at the top of the page or horizontally for that matter.  Mix it up and put your title in the bottom corner, vertically or inside another design element (see the word ‘quiet’ in the silhouette above).

What do you use to create titles for your pages?  What did I miss?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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